In early September 2017, I retired from Information Services Group (ISG – NASDAQ: III) after spending two years transitioning Saugatuck Technology, a subscription research and advisory I founded and ran for more than 15 years [click here for Bill McNee’s bio]. While my golf game will no doubt improve over time (LOL), tracking and writing about the changing Business IT landscape is firmly rooted in my blood. As such, I’ve launched a new blog platform to share thought-leadership insights and research that I will develop to help senior business, finance and IT leaders think clearly and deeply around the key trends and disruptive technologies transforming business and society.

My goal is to cut through the jargon and the buzzwords, delivering original insight and analysis around the key market shifts that are occurring, and the players who are making it happen. In my experience, consistently questioning commonly held assumptions is key to creating new awareness, which is fundamental to developing and honing winning strategies and tactics.

The blog leverages a research process honed over decades of practical and deep industry experience that helps shape the strategic insights, guidance and recommendations provided. It includes first-person research with early adopters who regularly share important lessons learned and the key challenges to be overcome, as well as regular engagement with leading and emerging technology providers to stay abreast of the industry.  McNee Associates will also conduct forward looking web survey programs to more deeply understand changing market dynamics, and the timing around key market shifts.

Key Areas of Focus

Find below some of the key trends that I’ll be tracking and writing about:

  • Advanced Analytics / Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Business and Technology Architecture
  • Business Model Evolution
  • CIO / CFO / CMO Spending
  • Cloud Analytics / Planning / Budgeting
  • Cloud ERP / Financials
  • Cloud HCM
  • Digital Strategy / Enablement / Transformation
  • Digital Marketing / Digital Customer Engagement
  • Driving Innovation / Innovation Management
  • Emerging Technology Trends
  • Future of Work
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT)
  • Next-Gen Technology-Enabled Products / Services
  • The New Finance

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